Date: Saturday 15th - Sunday 16th, May 2021
Event Online Venue: lichess.org/team/ennis-chess-congress
9 Round Swiss system, Saturday Rd 1 starts @ 5 pm, , Rd 2 starts at 6 pm, Rd 3 starts 7 pm, Rd 4 starts 8 pm Sunday Rd 5 starts @ 11 am, , Rd 6 starts at 12 pm, Rd 7 starts 2 pm, Rd 8 starts 3 pm, Rd 9 starts 4 pm
Free Entry

1st - Jim Hussey Cup

2nd - trophy

3rd - trophy

3 Grading prizes


1st - Marcel Castricum Shield

2nd - trophy

3rd - trophy

3 Grading prizes

Best junior

Best unrated

Best game prize

Time limit: 15 minutes + 10 sec increment each player for all moves.
How to Enter:

1. Make a request to join the lichess team "Ennis Chess Congress". Lichess is free. Entry to this tournament is free.

2. Include a message with your full name, your rating, and your ICU/FIDE/USCF/ECF number or evidence of any other OTB rating. *** if you have never been a member of any national chess organisation but still want to play then message one of the team leaders or email ennischess@gmail.com ***

3. We will review your request and add you to the party

4. Log in on Saturday 15th May. We will send all participants a link to the tournament. Alternatively you can find it in the list of tournaments on the team page.

5. Be ready to play Round 1 @ 5pm

*** All entries are subject to the approval of the organising committee ***


The Chess Game - Foune 1990